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December 2018 Archives

Personal injury: Inexperience cause many road accidents

For motorists to navigate the Alabama roads safely at this time of the year requires experience. Unfortunately, experience is something Opelika teenage drivers do not have, making them exceptionally vulnerable. Many personal injury lawsuits follow auto accidents that were caused by errors made by inexperienced teenage drivers. The best way for young drivers to gain experience is to have a parent or guardian to ride with them and monitor their progress.

Understanding one's criminal law rights can be vital

Violent crimes happen every day. People are arrested and charged with those crimes, and it may become a story in the local or even national media. For the person charged with a crime, it is much more than media. The charges have an immediate impact on one's life, and it is crucial that the accused individual understand his or her rights under the criminal law to the proceedings.

Understanding drug trafficking charges may help your defense

Certain situations in life may seem never-ending or as if the repercussions will follow you for the rest of your life. In some instances, this feeling may just be in your head, such as replaying a bad date or a regrettable choice of words over and over. However, other predicaments, like having felony drug charges brought against you, are serious and can affect your life for a considerable amount of time.

Doctor, others charged with criminal law violations

An Alabama doctor was recently indicted on 103 different criminal counts. The alleged criminal law violations include accusations that he improperly dispensed controlled substances. Two others -- a pharmacist and a pharmaceutical sales representative -- were also indicted on related charges.

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