Even in Alabama, icy roads can present sliding hazards

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Living in Alabama over the years may not have presented you with many opportunities to build snowmen or enjoy other snow-related activities. However, even in this southern state, winter weather can cause safety issues, especially when out on the road. Snow does not have to accumulate for roadways to become treacherous.

Freezing temperatures still affect many areas of the state, and if any moisture has accumulated, it is possible for ice to form on the road. Bridges, highways ramps, and shady areas may ice over first and remain icy for longer than other portions of the road. Still, any area could become icy. As a driver, you need to remain conscious of your safety and the safety of others around you.


Icy roads often cause vehicles to slide. This can happen when people drive too fast for conditions, accelerate too quickly, or stop suddenly. Of course, when a vehicle begins to slide, you will immediately want it to stop and may think about hitting the brakes. However, if you hit the brakes while sliding, your situation will only get worse. Instead, consider the following tips for handling a slide while behind the wheel:

  • As mentioned, you should avoid hitting the brakes, which can make the slide worse. Additionally, your tires need to continue turning in order for corrective measures to be effective.
  • When your vehicle starts to slide, pay attention to the direction of the rear of the vehicle. In an effort to correct the slide, you will need to turn your steering wheel in that same direction.
  • Turning your wheel one way will likely not fully straighten your vehicle. The rear of your vehicle may slide in the opposite direction of the initial slide, which means you will need to turn your wheel in that direction as well.
  • Try to not panic. Panicking may cause you to yank the steering wheel too hard or turn it in the wrong direction, which will only make the slide more dangerous.

Avoiding a slide in the first place is your best bet, but not always possible. Remember to slow down and take other precautions to accommodate for treacherous roadway conditions.

Unavoidable accident

Even if your vehicle does not slide, another person may lose control, and his or her vehicle could hit yours. If this happens, you may suffer serious injuries. This type of scenario is not uncommon, and you may have reason to seek monetary compensation for your injuries and other damages resulting from the accident.


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