Hotels must keep you safe from assault

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If you travel for business or pleasure, staying in hotels is something that is familiar to you. In fact, you may take many things for granted, such as the freshness of your sheets and the cleanliness of the bathroom. One item you may not consider is your safety.

Whether you stay in an upscale hotel or a budget rental, if the staff and owner do not take steps to ensure your safety, you may be at risk of anything from property theft to physical assault. In fact, since hotels do not want to risk their reputation by reporting crimes, researchers have a difficult time determining how prevalent the problem may be.

Keys and access

Advances in technology for security have improved the methods by which hotels can provide a safe environment for you and other guests. Before you check in, you can inquire if a hotel offers mobile room keys, which allow you to access your room and other amenities through an app on your phone. This prevents someone from entering your room after finding your lost key.

Even without mobile key service, your hotel should limit access to areas restricted to paying guests, such as the fitness center or pool. Since you may not be aware of who is a paying guest and who may intend to do you harm, your safety may be better protected if individuals need a key or access code to enter those places.

How does your hotel protect you?

Since some high-tech security advances require a substantial investment, Alabama hotel owners or managers may be reluctant to spend the money, even if it means protecting you from harm. Nevertheless, some basic proactive measures can make a hotel a safer place for visitors, including the following:

  • Information for guests so that you will know the dangers of allowing people to enter the building without a key, or other behaviors that may create a security breach
  • Advanced surveillance equipment, such as motion detectors or facial recognition devices
  • Lighting and cameras in areas of the hotel where you may be vulnerable, such as stairwells and elevators
  • Constant evaluation of cybersecurity since a breach of data could place your personal information and identity at risk
  • Parking lots equipped with adequate lighting, cameras and security guards
  • Training for staff to help them connect with paying guests and recognize intruders

In fact, a well-trained and alert staff can be key to your safety. On the other hand, a staff or management that is negligent in providing the basic defenses against an assault or other violation may be responsible for any injuries you suffer. In this case, you may wish to seek legal advice about your options.


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