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Alabama drivers: Beware signs of drunk driving

You are not responsible for another person's driving. You have no say over what another driver is or isn't going to do. This lack of control can leave you at risk for serious injury, especially if the other driver has been drinking.

You can sometimes spot trouble by carefully scanning your surroundings for questionable driving behavior. If you witness a situation that causes concern, it is best to take the nearest exit or to at least increase the distance between yourself and the other vehicle. If you're involved in a collision and later learn that the other driver was intoxicated, you might want to explore options for seeking damages.

What signs could indicate drunk driving?

Alcohol affects everybody differently. The following list highlights some common effects of alcohol and how such effects might manifest themselves while driving: 

  • Impaired cognitive ability may cause drivers to misjudge distances. A drunk driver might tailgate or travel at speeds that do not adhere to posted limits or align with current traffic flow. 
  • Loss of muscle control often affects speech and physical coordination. The latter can impair a driver's ability to steer, and they may veer in and out of traffic lanes. 
  • Delayed thought process might affect a driver's ability to quickly adjust their actions to meet the needs of the situation. For instance, traffic might come to a sudden stop and a drunk driver might keep going, crashing into the vehicle in front of him or her.

It's not uncommon for intoxicated drivers to bump curbs when navigating turns or to travel too closely to parked vehicles or sidewalks. If they try to avoid bumping a curb while turning, they might take too wide of a turn, perhaps crossing into oncoming lanes of traffic. Even if you see a driver heading toward you in an oncoming lane, you might not be able to react safely and quickly enough to avoid collision.

Accident victims can seek justice

Sadly, approximately 10,000 or more deaths occur every year due to drunk drivers throughout the United States. If you survive a drunk driving accident, your road to recovery may include medical costs and other expenses.

Alabama law allows recovering accident victims to seek compensation from negligent or reckless drivers.

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