What can you do if a product you bought caused you harm?

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When you go to a store or buy something online, you probably assume, like most Alabama consumers, that it is completely safe to use. You probably also make the same assumptions about medication prescribed to you by your doctor. Unfortunately, not all consumer products are completely safe, and sometimes, they can cause significant harm.

If you suffered harm because of a dangerous consumer product, you may have certain legal options available to you. Your situation may feel overwhelming, and you might not be sure of where you can even begin to pick up the pieces and move forward. Dangerous goods and products are a serious threat to consumer safety, and it is possible to hold liable parties accountable for your pain and suffering.

Find out who is really to blame

It can be incredibly frustrating to suffer harm because of a medication you used or something you purchased for your personal use. How can you determine who is to blame when you simply picked up the item off the shelf? Is the store to blame or is it the company that made the product? The key to identifying the liable party in these types of cases is to determine where the defect originated. The possibilities include the following:

  • Defects in the design of the product – If the design is defective or untested, it can lead to problems at every other step of the manufacturing process. The final result is a product that is dangerous for public use or consumption.
  • Defects in warning consumers – If there are potential risks associated with a specific product, such as possible side effects of a medication, then the public has the right to know. Companies must include proper warnings.
  • Defects in manufacturing the product – When there is an error, misstep or issue in the manufacturing of the product, it can lead to serious harm. Manufacturers are responsible for carefully monitoring their processes and using quality component parts. 

Once it is clear where things went wrong with the specific product, it is then possible to move forward with a civil claim. While this cannot reverse the pain and suffering you experienced, it can allow you to obtain recompense for your losses and other damages you experienced. 

You do not have to navigate the complex products liability claim process alone. An assessment of your case and explanation of your options from an experienced legal ally can help you see the best way to move forward with your claim.


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