Has your college student been accused of drug dealing?

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When you sent your child off to Auburn University, it was likely a bittersweet time. You were undoubtedly proud of his or her acceptance to the university and looked forward to hearing about the classes and other experiences your child would have on campus. Of course, you likely also anticipated a little tomfoolery as most college-aged students do like to get a bit raucous from time to time.

However, you may not have anticipated that tomfoolery turning into a problem with the police. Unfortunately, some college students can get caught up with the wrong people or in the wrong activities and end up under police suspicion. In particular, drug use on campus is an issue that draws much attention.

Concerns for your child

When you child visited or called from school, he or she may have seemed as if nothing out of the ordinary was taking place. He or she did not seem thinner, did not look out of sorts, was keeping up good grades and even seemed to feel more confident financially. However, something seemed off about his or her behavior, even if was just seeming more secretive about certain matters.

You may not have immediately suspected that your child was dealing drugs on campus, and when he or she landed in hot water with authorities, you may have felt shocked. After all, your child looked like an upstanding student, did not dress in an unkempt manner or have a substance abuse issue of his or her own. Of course, drug dealers can look like anyone, even your child.

Distributing substances

You may not have believed that your child was capable of dealing drugs because you had no idea where he or she would obtain substances to distribute. However, if your child takes certain medications for ADD or ADHD, those pills may have made him or her popular on campus. Too many students use Adderall and other similar medications without a prescription because they believe it will help them study. If your child has a valid prescription, he or she may have learned that selling the pills could generate an income.

Maybe he or she only sold to friends and did not think about the consequences; however, selling a prescription to other individuals is a form of drug dealing. If authorities have charged your child with this type of crime, you may wonder what will happen. During this time, preparation is key, and gaining information from an Alabama criminal defense attorney may be wise.


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