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June 2020 Archives

Personal injury: Stay away from drivers with these bad habits

All road users are at risk, regardless of how safely they drive. The number of personal injury claims filed nationwide, including Alabama, shows that bad driving habits are the negligence on which many lawsuits are based. For that reason, keeping a lookout for signs of bad driving habits and avoiding those drivers might be the best line of protection.

Teen killed in collision days before high school graduation

An Alabama community recently said goodbye to a teenager who was killed in a serious accident. Police believe the head-on collision was not her fault, but rather that of a driver who was traveling in the wrong lane of traffic. Two other vehicles collided with one another at the same time, possibly as one or both drivers tried to maneuver out of harm's way.

Debt and divorce -- it's complicated

Debt is tough. Paying off balances for auto loans and credit cards might already feel like a Herculean task, but things can get a lot more complicated during a divorce. When couples accumulate debt during a marriage, it can be considered marital property to be divided between the two.

Divorce and your credit score -- it doesn't have to be hard

Ending a marriage can affect many different aspects of a person's life. From where he or she lives to receiving or paying support, life after divorce can certainly look different. One area that many divorcees would like to stay the same has to do with finances: their credit score. When it comes to protecting a credit score, it is best to be proactive.

Can your family grow through stepparent adoption?

Adoption is a wonderful step for many Alabama families, and in many situations, it is a way to legally establish a relationship that is already strong and meaningful. For example, a stepparent may be especially close with the children of his or her spouse, and it may make sense to move forward with adopting the stepchildren. Even if every member of the family wants this, there are still certain challenges involved with stepparent adoption.

Father faces criminal charges after fatal accident

An Alabama father was recently arrested after allegedly leaving his son behind at the scene of an accident. He is facing a number of criminal charges, including reckless endangerment and a felony count of attempting to elude. The accident and his arrest followed a police chase, although authorities had already stopped pursuing him before the crash.

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