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New criminal law puts ignition interlock devices in more vehicles

A new state law will put ignition interlock devices in the vehicles of many first-time DUI offenders. Although Alabama already requires IIDs for repeat offenders and some first-time offenders, those who utilize pretrial diversion programs have never had to use these devices. This new change to criminal law makes IIDs a requirement for all first-time offenders utilizing pretrial diversion. 

Criminal law: Mother allegedly forgot baby in car, faces charges

Alabama police recently arrested a mother who apparently forgot her child inside of her locked vehicle. She is accused of endangering the welfare of a child, although it does not appear that she is still in police custody for this alleged criminal law violation. At the time of the incident she also had her other child with her.

Criminal law: UA linebacker arrested, kicked off team

No one makes it through life without making their fair share of mistakes, but some people end up paying much more for their missteps than others. When accused of violating criminal law, many Alabama defendants end up facing immediate consequences, and potentially even more if convicted. A former linebacker from the University of Alabama is unfortunately currently dealing with this type of situation.

Did your medical need cause an opioid addiction and drug charges?

Maybe you had surgery or were in an accident that left you in a lot of pain. When receiving your medical care, your doctor prescribed an opioid that worked wonders and helped you get back on your feet. Well, that feeling left you wanting more, but your medical provider started refusing your requests for refills. This caused you to look elsewhere for the medicine you felt you needed to get through the day and this search eventually landed you in jail on drug charges.

2 accused of violating criminal law during traffic stop

A recent traffic stop led to the arrest of two individuals. Police claim they violated Alabama criminal law by possessing a significant amount of marijuana in the car. Both were taken into police custody but have since posted bail, which was set at $50,000 for the man involved in the incident, and $10,000 for the woman.

2 men accused of violating state criminal law, trafficking drugs

Two Alabama men are in police custody for their alleged role in an ongoing drug trafficking operation. Both men are charged with the trafficking of multiple illicit substances, including marijuana, and are accused of possessing controlled substances. State criminal law treats drug crimes seriously, and the consequences of a conviction can be serious and long-lasting.

Alabama teens facing criminal charges for assault after hazing

When parents learn that their children are in trouble with the law, many thoughts may run through their minds. They may first wonder what happened or how they will punish their children themselves. Of course, when that trouble leads to serious criminal charges, parents may need to find ways to help their kids defend themselves in court.

Criminal defense info will likely help accused dog owners

The circumstances that lead to a person's arrest play a considerable role in the case overall. Details can impact how an individual chooses to defend against allegations, and that information could also affect the type of evidence the prosecution has against the accused party. Therefore, it is important for individuals to understand the details of the arrest and related facts in order to create and present a meaningful criminal defense.

Several people facing drug charges after Alabama house search

The criminal justice system is a complex arrangement to understand. There are many aspects to every criminal case, and when people have charges brought against them, they may fear that the system will be too complex for them to navigate successfully. Luckily, individuals have legal options for obtaining assistance and information on their specific cases.

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