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Personal injury: Stay away from drivers with these bad habits

All road users are at risk, regardless of how safely they drive. The number of personal injury claims filed nationwide, including Alabama, shows that bad driving habits are the negligence on which many lawsuits are based. For that reason, keeping a lookout for signs of bad driving habits and avoiding those drivers might be the best line of protection.

Teen killed in collision days before high school graduation

An Alabama community recently said goodbye to a teenager who was killed in a serious accident. Police believe the head-on collision was not her fault, but rather that of a driver who was traveling in the wrong lane of traffic. Two other vehicles collided with one another at the same time, possibly as one or both drivers tried to maneuver out of harm's way.

Prevent personal injury by avoiding no-zones around big rigs

Sharing the highway with large trucks and buses is always risky. Road safety authorities say the number of personal injury and wrongful death claims could be decreased if drivers of passenger vehicles avoided the "no-zones" around big rigs. These are blind spots close to the truck's front, rear, left, and right sides where truck operators are typically unable to see smaller vehicles. In this regard, the most common accidents occur when the truckers unexpectedly change lanes.

Can you name Amazon in your personal injury claim?

There are an endless number of websites from which to order consumer goods, but one stands out from the rest -- Amazon. This is likely due to the platform's wide variety of products and free shipping. Even so, there are instances when a good deal leads to a defective product which injures an unsuspecting person, and it may be time to consider a personal injury lawsuit.

Can personal injury lawsuits address pedestrian accidents?

Walking is a great form of exercise and, for individuals without cars, it is even a necessity. But walking near cars is dangerous, especially when it comes time to cross a road. Pedestrians are at great risk for personal injury just being near the road. Sadly, the aftermath of a collision is usually tragic.

Truck drivers are often responsible for tractor-trailer accidents

It is pretty unsettling to drive by a tractor-trailer, especially on Alabama highways and interstates where speed limits are usually pretty high. But that pit you feel in your stomach is justified. Tractor-trailer accidents are serious, usually causing severe and traumatic injuries to passengers in smaller passenger vehicles.

2 common behaviors that contribute to car accidents

When a driver is unfairly injured in a wreck that was not his or her fault, getting help for those injuries is often the top priority. One way that those facing these circumstances can get that help is by securing compensation through personal injury claims made against the drivers who caused the car accidents. However, a victim has to document how the other driver was at fault, and it is not enough to simply say he or she caused the collision.

Pedestrian fatalities rise across the country

The National Highway Safety Administration just released its report compiling data on fatal motor vehicle accidents since 2008. The news is not good. While fatal injuries to passengers inside vehicles is on the decline, the rate of pedestrian fatalities and those outside of vehicles has skyrocketed.

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