What is the most common injury in Alabama?

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It might seem odd, but it appears that not all Americans suffer the same injuries on a day-to-day basis. After compiling stats on medical insurance claims across all 50 states, it seems that if you live in the deep South, you won’t be showing up at the doctor’s office with the same problems you are likely to encounter in the Northeast. And if you live in the big country of Montana, you have a better chance of dying from asphyxiation while those in Oregon report more sprained backs. So what about Alabama?

Chest Injuries Top Insurance Claims

According to a recent study, if you live in Alabama chest injuries are the most common ailment reported to medical insurance companies beyond your usual cuts and bruises. They classify a “chest injury” as anything relating to the thoracic area of the body. This includes dislocated shoulders, cracked ribs, spinal injuries and open wounds. That leaves us to wonder: is there something we are doing here in Alabama that the rest of the country isn’t?

Auto Accidents May Be the Cause

It turns out that more people suffer head-on collisions in Alabama than in more densely populated regions of the country. Accidents can result in head and chest injuries from airbags, contact with the steering wheel, wrenched shoulders from seatbelts and impacts with doors and windshields.

Since much of our state has wide open roads with little commuter traffic slowing things down, when you are in an accident, the injuries tend to be more severe than on the Eastern seaboard. That means the costs associated with auto accidents are much higher.

So there may be some truth to the complaint that “nobody knows how to drive” around here. If that’s the case, then we don’t need to add to the statistics. Chest injuries resulting from car accidents are serious business, and it’s important to defend against them.

If you’ve been in an accident and have suffered injuries, or the other party was hurt, it could serve your best interest to contact a personal injury attorney to ensure your rights and savings are protected from skyrocketing medical bills that result.


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