Charged With A Crime That Involved Alcohol?

Everyone makes a bad decision from time to time. When alcohol is involved, making bad decisions seems to be second nature. Unfortunately, those bad decisions can sometimes result in criminal charges.

That’s when we come in.

At the Law Offices of Dean & Barrett, our lawyers can provide defense against DUI/DWI and other alcohol offenses, from disorderly conduct to indecent exposure. We know what to do to protect your rights and help you overcome these charges.

Defense Against Any Alcohol-Related Offense

Our team has more than 40 years of experience on our side. Time and time again, we have put that experience to use providing DWI/DUI defense and defense against other alcohol offenses. We have defended countless people who have found themselves in your situation. You can be confident that we can defend you.

Our attorneys can defend you against charges of:

We are available to serve people in Auburn, Opelika and the surrounding parts of Alabama, including college students at Auburn University.

College Students: We Can Protect Your Future

A conviction for an alcohol offense can impact different people in different ways. For most, it may result in a fine, jail time and a mark on their criminal record. However, college students may have to deal with additional consequences. They may find that it impacts their ability to continue their education or pursue the career of their choice.

Are you a college student or the parent of a college student? Turn to us for defense against DUI/DWI or any other alcohol-related offense.

Free Consultation About Alcohol Crime Defense For All People

To learn more about how we can defend you against the charges you’re facing, please contact our Auburn alcohol-related offenses lawyers today.