Family Law

How much child support will I receive?

Raising and caring for kids is expensive, and it is difficult for Alabama parents to do this on one income. For many custodial parents, a divorce can raise serious concerns regarding how they will care for their kids. The intent of child support is for one parent, the...

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Addressing homework in parenting plans

In Alabama and across the country, kids are going to be resuming their academics, either from home or in school. One of the primary issues many families have is getting their children to do their homework. When parents go through a divorce and the children spend time...

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Debt and divorce — it’s complicated

Debt is tough. Paying off balances for auto loans and credit cards might already feel like a Herculean task, but things can get a lot more complicated during a divorce. When couples accumulate debt during a marriage, it can be considered marital property to be divided...

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