Serving Alabama For More Than 40 Years

Both of our lead attorneys, Joseph Dean Jr. and J. Tutt Barrett, began practicing law in 1976. In 1992, they decided to combine their strengths and form the Law Offices of Dean & Barrett. Since then, our firm has built a reputation for helping people in Auburn, Opelika and surrounding communities, including college students at Auburn University.

From personal injury litigation to alcohol and drug-related offenses, our team can handle a wide range of legal issues.

Two Reasons Why Our Experience Is Important

We know what to look for. Our attorneys know the importance of taking a thorough look at your case. We will start by talking to you about it. After we have learned all of the details you can provide, we will scour the evidence. We will look for every opportunity that can allow us to obtain a positive result for you.

We know what we’re dealing with. The courts in this area do things a certain way. Our lawyers are familiar with the tendencies of the lawyers we oppose, the judges who sit on the bench and the juries that make the final decisions. This familiarity informs every choice we make, because we want to make sure we make the right one.

Leaders In Alabama’s Legal Community

The lawyers at our firm are frequently looked to as leaders in the legal community. In fact, members of our team have held important leadership positions, such as president of the Lee County Bar Association. Our attorneys have also been elected fellows of the prestigious Alabama Law Foundation.

More importantly, we enjoy the honor of being the law firm that other lawyers turn to when they need help with a legal issue. We are the professionals that our fellow professionals turn to for help.

We are ready to show you the qualities that have allowed us to build such a strong reputation in the legal community. We are ready to help.

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