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How much child support will I receive?

Raising and caring for kids is expensive, and it is difficult for Alabama parents to do this on one income. For many custodial parents, a divorce can raise serious concerns regarding how they will care for their kids. The intent of child support is for one parent, the...

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The right approach to fighting a DUI

A DUI conviction will have various impacts on multiple areas of your life. In addition to the criminal penalties you will face, you may also experience effects on your reputation, your career and much more. It is prudent to take a drunk driving charge in Alabama...

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One DUI can derail your college career

When you are a college student, your entire life is in front of you. You have a few years of school left, and then you have a full career and family life in your future, if that’s what you choose to do. You may feel like there is nothing that can stand between you and...

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