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Who needs a prenuptial agreement? 

While no one enters a marriage assuming that it will end in the future, it is prudent to plan for that possibility. Adults of all income levels and ages can benefit from the protections provided through a prenuptial agreement, but there are certain individuals who...

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How is child custody divided in Alabama?

One of the most emotionally challenging and complex aspects of any divorce is the matter of child custody. Each Alabama parent wants to protect the relationship he or she has with the children, but it is not always easy for a divorcing couple to decide how that should...

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Know your Alabama DUI breath test rights

Seeing flashing red and blue lights in your rearview mirror as you drive along an Alabama road can be quite unsettling. Especially if you’ve already had a couple speeding tickets in the past, you might immediately start to worry if a police officer pulls you over in a...

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Your ex must obey a child custody order

As an Alabama parent who wants what is best for his or her children, you may have struggled with finding the right words to let your kids know that you were filing for a divorce. If you have children in various age groups, you no doubt noticed that each child reacted...

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