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Criminal law: UA linebacker arrested, kicked off team

No one makes it through life without making their fair share of mistakes, but some people end up paying much more for their missteps than others. When accused of violating criminal law, many Alabama defendants end up facing immediate consequences, and potentially even more if convicted. A former linebacker from the University of Alabama is unfortunately currently dealing with this type of situation.

VanDarius Cowan, a 19-year-old sophomore at UA, was a linebacker for the university's team. Cowan had previously taken time away from much of the team's spring practices to focus more closely on his studies but returned by the end of spring. Now, he will not play at all.

What does family law say about child custody?

For Alabama parents, there may be no greater concern during divorce than how much time they will have with their children. Regardless of how invested in the matter you are, child custody is a difficult topic that can be even more difficult to sort out. Family law can be nuanced, which makes understanding how it applies to your unique situation confusing.

Your child custody arrangement will address two types of custody -- legal and physical. In many cases, parents share joint legal custody, which gives them both the ability to make decisions regarding important life matters. This includes how the child will be educated, what religion -- if any -- they will be raised in, who can make health care decisions and more.

Does personal injury law cover motorcycle accidents?

Whether for the sensation of the air rushing past them or the feeling of freedom on an open road, for some people in Alabama there is nothing better than riding a motorcycle on a perfect summer day. There may not be anything more dangerous, either. Although most motorcyclists are incredibly focused on safety, drivers of larger motor vehicles rarely have the same focus, putting you at risk for a serious injury, which is eligible for compensation under personal injury law.

If you are hit while riding a motorcycle, you are more likely to suffer more severe injuries than a person in a passenger vehicle. While there are many benefits to motorcycles, you are without the extra protection that other motorists take for granted. Motorcycles do not have metal barriers, air bags or other safety features that soften the blow of an impact.

Did your medical need cause an opioid addiction and drug charges?

Maybe you had surgery or were in an accident that left you in a lot of pain. When receiving your medical care, your doctor prescribed an opioid that worked wonders and helped you get back on your feet. Well, that feeling left you wanting more, but your medical provider started refusing your requests for refills. This caused you to look elsewhere for the medicine you felt you needed to get through the day and this search eventually landed you in jail on drug charges.

According to a report released by Blue Cross and Blue Shield (BCBS) in 2017, Alabama ranks highest in the country for the number of opioid prescriptions. There are more prescriptions written in Alabama than there are people in the state. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that in 2015 alone physicians in the state wrote nearly six million prescriptions for these types of pain medications.

Personal injury law allows families to seek compensation

No matter how safely most Alabama residents drive, it is impossible to avoid encountering those who act recklessly behind the wheel. Unfortunately, many of these negligent drivers fail to take into account the conditions of the roads on which they travel, making some areas more dangerous than others. Although there is nothing that can undo the devastation of a fatal accident, personal injury law allows for compensation to victims and surviving family members.

Alabama Highway 167 is an area well known for serious accidents. Although it is only a two-lane road, it hosts local traffic, commercial vehicles, commuters, tourists, and beach goers daily. However, a local wrecker says that the highway is simply not equipped to handle all of the traffic it sees.

2 accused of violating criminal law during traffic stop

A recent traffic stop led to the arrest of two individuals. Police claim they violated Alabama criminal law by possessing a significant amount of marijuana in the car. Both were taken into police custody but have since posted bail, which was set at $50,000 for the man involved in the incident, and $10,000 for the woman.

A 26-year-old man and 23-year-old woman from a neighboring state were passing through an Alabama county when they were stopped by police. It is not clear why authorities initiated the traffic stop in the first place, and it does not appear as if the two face any charges for traffic violations. One of the attending officers reportedly smelled marijuana while talking with the male occupant.

2 men accused of violating state criminal law, trafficking drugs

Two Alabama men are in police custody for their alleged role in an ongoing drug trafficking operation. Both men are charged with the trafficking of multiple illicit substances, including marijuana, and are accused of possessing controlled substances. State criminal law treats drug crimes seriously, and the consequences of a conviction can be serious and long-lasting.

Authorities claim they investigated the two men for several months before they finally searched their home. Located in a rural area, police say they were surprised to discover a possible drug trafficking operation was going on in the area. They claim they found approximately 3 pounds of both marijuana and methamphetamine, prescription medications, more than $30,000, and various drug paraphernalia.

Family law experts report increase in women paying alimony

Many men in Alabama associate divorce with one thing -- alimony. Commonly referred to as spousal support, this post-divorce payment has long been shouldered by men, leaving many women with the impression that they cannot ever be ordered to pay their exes. Now, family law experts say this standard is changing.

Alimony payments help provide necessary financial stability to ex-spouses who either did not work during their marriage, or who earned significantly less than the main breadwinner. Historically, men tended to work while women took on child-rearing responsibilities, leaving women out of the workforce entirely or only working part time. Now, women are increasingly the primary wage earners in their households.

According to family law, that family heirloom may stay with an ex

Family heirlooms are precious reminders from the past, regardless of their inherent value. Many people in Alabama assume that their heirlooms will stay with them after a divorce, regardless of how the object was owned during their marriage. Unfortunately, this is not necessarily how family law functions, and without proper planning, a beloved heirloom might end up going to an ex-spouse.

In 1993, Kurt Cobain -- the late singer and front man for the band Nirvana -- famously played a 1959 Martin D-18E guitar on MTV's "Unplugged." Sometime after Cobain's death his daughter, Frances Bean Cobain, came into possession of the guitar. Now, it belongs to her ex-husband.

Alabama tractor trailer crash leaves couple with fatal injuries

Serious accidents involving tractor trailers are always frightening. Unfortunately, they also tend to have outcomes that lead to families losing loved ones. When a truck driver is considered at fault for such a crash, surviving loved ones may have reason to take legal action against the driver and the trucking company for which he or she works.

One family in Alabama may have reason to consider a wrongful death claim once more information is revealed about a recent fatal crash. Reports stated that a man and woman were killed in a crash involving a tractor trailer. Details on how the accident occurred were few, and it was only noted that the truck and the car had collided after 11 a.m.

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