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Car chase ends in multiple criminal charges

Alabama authorities say they recently arrested three men after a brief car chase. All three were charged with attempting to elude police officers, drug possession, and possession of drug paraphernalia. The man who was allegedly driving the vehicle faces additional charges, including another count of attempting to elude, two counts of reckless endangerment, and multiple traffic citations.

A police deputy first spotted the vehicle on a Sunday night, claiming that it was weaving through lanes of traffic. That deputy attempted to initiate a traffic stop, but the driver refused to stop and continued driving. This sparked a short-lived chase. It ultimately ended in a parking lot, where the three men left the vehicle behind and fled on foot into nearby woods.

Who is responsible when a defective product causes injury?

When you purchase a product, you enter into an agreement with the manufacturers of the product and others involved in its production and marketing. This relationship provides you with the opportunity to pursue compensation if the product should cause you harm.

Defective products injure and kill consumers frequently, and the law allows those consumers or their families to hold liable those responsible for the products. Product liability law can be complicated, but those who seek compensation for their injuries often also do a great good for the public by drawing attention to dangerous products.

Protect retirement after divorce with Social Security benefits

Looking forward to retirement and being prepared for it are two very different things. Most individuals try to save money for the future, but life has a way of complicating even the most seemingly straightforward endeavors. Divorce is one of those live events that can make retirement preparations more difficult.

Social Security benefits comprise a large chunk of most people's retirement income. The Social Security Administration reports that almost 50% of unmarried people collecting benefits rely on it for 90% of their income. This can sound very scary, especially to someone who is divorced and may not have benefits of his or her own to claim. This is a common situation for adults who stayed home to raise children or, for whatever other reason, did not work very much or at all.

Can personal injury lawsuits address pedestrian accidents?

Walking is a great form of exercise and, for individuals without cars, it is even a necessity. But walking near cars is dangerous, especially when it comes time to cross a road. Pedestrians are at great risk for personal injury just being near the road. Sadly, the aftermath of a collision is usually tragic.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Association, 5,000 pedestrians are killed in accidents and thousands more are injured each and every year. Negligent drivers cause a lot of those accidents. A negligent driver is someone who does not act reasonably in a given situation and who generally ignores his or her duty of care.

Truck drivers are often responsible for tractor-trailer accidents

It is pretty unsettling to drive by a tractor-trailer, especially on Alabama highways and interstates where speed limits are usually pretty high. But that pit you feel in your stomach is justified. Tractor-trailer accidents are serious, usually causing severe and traumatic injuries to passengers in smaller passenger vehicles.

More often than not, such accidents can be traced back to truck drivers violating both state and federal regulations for the trucking industry.

Do you know some of these family law facts?

"Half of the couples who decide to say 'I do' will ultimately decide to divorce." This statistic is often stated as fact, but it is a little off the mark. In reality, approximately one-third of marriages will end in divorce and, while still a large portion, that is considerably less than fifty percent. This might not be the only family law fact that is different than commonly assumed.

By 2018, the average divorce rate across 45 states -- including Alabama -- had decreased to only 2.9 for every 1,000 people, compared to the rate of 4.0 per 1,000 people in 2000. In other words, the current divorce rate is only 39%. Around 60% of those divorces are young adults between the ages of 25 and 39. The average age of a first-time divorcee is 30 years.

Has your college student been accused of drug dealing?

When you sent your child off to Auburn University, it was likely a bittersweet time. You were undoubtedly proud of his or her acceptance to the university and looked forward to hearing about the classes and other experiences your child would have on campus. Of course, you likely also anticipated a little tomfoolery as most college-aged students do like to get a bit raucous from time to time.

However, you may not have anticipated that tomfoolery turning into a problem with the police. Unfortunately, some college students can get caught up with the wrong people or in the wrong activities and end up under police suspicion. In particular, drug use on campus is an issue that draws much attention.

Family law doesn't see your pets the same way you do

Pet owners have unique bonds with their four-legged friends. They often go to great lengths to make sure that their pets are as happy and healthy as possible, and many even consider them as members of the family. But Alabama family law does not see pets as family members, which can cause a lot of conflict during divorce.

When a couple files for divorce, the law views their pet as property and nothing more. That means that dogs, cats, and other beloved animals are lumped in with things like furniture and household decor during property division. Since couples who get divorced are generally not great at communication and compromise, there is a good chance that many will head to court.

2 common behaviors that contribute to car accidents

When a driver is unfairly injured in a wreck that was not his or her fault, getting help for those injuries is often the top priority. One way that those facing these circumstances can get that help is by securing compensation through personal injury claims made against the drivers who caused the car accidents. However, a victim has to document how the other driver was at fault, and it is not enough to simply say he or she caused the collision.

Negligence is one of the biggest causes of car accidents. Since Alabama drivers are required to always use reasonable care no matter what circumstances they are driving in, a negligent driver is a person who did not exercise that care. Examples of negligent driving include not using a blinker when turning, speeding, driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs and more.

Sheriff's sergeant accused of violating criminal law

A long-time law enforcement officer was recently arrested on multiple felony allegations. The former Alabama sheriff's sergeant allegedly violated criminal law when he used his position for his own personal gain and possibly engaged in third-degree theft. A judge set his bond at $40,000.

When the current county sheriff received information that a sergeant had possibly committed a crime during another sheriff's administration, he began an investigation. After determining that the information might be valid, he involved the State Bureau of Investigation. The SBI took over the investigation and and concluded that the sergeant had used property that had been stored as evidence to cover the cost of some mechanical work.

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