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Alabama woman faces multiple criminal charges for fatal wreck

Drunk driving charges are a serious matter in Alabama, but these allegations can be complicated by additional charges. For instance, if a person is accused of causing an accident while under the influence of alcohol, the accused may face additional criminal charges that have potentially severe consequences. This is apparently the case for an Alabama woman accused of causing a fatal accident.

The accident in question occurred nearly a year ago in April 2018. However, police did not issue an arrest warrant for the three counts related to the wreck until Feb. 21, 2019. This is not her first arrest, though, as after fleeing the scene of the 2018 wreck she was stopped and arrested for driving under the influence. It is unclear if officers were aware of her supposed connection with the wreck at the time of that arrest.

What do credit card reward points have to do with family law?

One of the most difficult and tricky parts of divorce is dealing with property division. Alabama couples have to tackle big decisions, like what to do with the marital house and how to handle retirement savings. These seemingly big decisions can often overshadow less obvious property that count as marital property under family law, including things like credit card reward points.

Whether the rewards are worth cash back on groceries or points toward air travel, credit card reward points have value. If these reward points were earned during the course of a marriage, then barring a prenuptial agreement or other extenuating circumstances, they are considered marital property. The points might be separate property if one person can demonstrate that they opened the card and earned the related reward points before getting married.

Alabama drivers: Beware signs of drunk driving

You are not responsible for another person's driving. You have no say over what another driver is or isn't going to do. This lack of control can leave you at risk for serious injury, especially if the other driver has been drinking.

You can sometimes spot trouble by carefully scanning your surroundings for questionable driving behavior. If you witness a situation that causes concern, it is best to take the nearest exit or to at least increase the distance between yourself and the other vehicle. If you're involved in a collision and later learn that the other driver was intoxicated, you might want to explore options for seeking damages.

Criminal charges for Alabama buffet brawl

It might not be uncommon to hear someone say that a dish is so delicious that it would make a person want to slap their grandmother. While this saying generally does not evoke actual violence, two Alabama residents apparently felt this strongly about the food served at an area buffet. A man and a woman involved in an alleged brawl at the restaurant were arrested and now face criminal charges.

A witness told police that the problem began when restaurant customers had to wait for fresh crab legs to be put out on the buffet. He stated that customers had stood waiting by the buffet for as long as 20 minutes before employees finally brought out the hot item for which several people were waiting. The witness reported hearing people argue with multiple people accusing others of cutting in line in front of them.

Easing family law concerns with Social Security benefits

Future financial security is a valid concern for those who are considering divorce. For individuals in Alabama who are closing in on retirement, those family law concerns might feel amplified. How will a person survive after splitting retirement assets? Will working past retirement become the new plan? The answers to these questions could lie in Social Security benefits.

Social Security benefits make up a sizable portion of many people's retirement income. According to data from the SSA -- Social Security Administration -- married couples count on those benefits for 48 percent of their retirement income. Unmarried individuals rely on their Social Security benefits for 69 percent of their income. To protect one's financial security in retirement, a divorced individual who either did not work or was otherwise not regularly employed can potentially still count on benefits based on their ex's work history.

Family law issues don't have to drain your bank account

Divorce is often billed as an expensive, time-consuming process that leaves people worse off than before. This prevailing misconception might even discourage unhappy couples from seeking otherwise necessary divorces. By managing expectations, focusing on financial goals and compromising when necessary, Alabama couples can effectively tackle their family law issues.

There is little denying that divorce is just as much an emotional process as it is a legal one. Divorcees are often frustrated and angry for any number of reasons, and these emotions can affect how they handle their respective situations. However, individuals may want to find a better outlet for their anger that does not involve fighting their ex over every small matter. While it might feel justified in the moment, the cost can quickly add up.

Hotels must keep you safe from assault

If you travel for business or pleasure, staying in hotels is something that is familiar to you. In fact, you may take many things for granted, such as the freshness of your sheets and the cleanliness of the bathroom. One item you may not consider is your safety.

Whether you stay in an upscale hotel or a budget rental, if the staff and owner do not take steps to ensure your safety, you may be at risk of anything from property theft to physical assault. In fact, since hotels do not want to risk their reputation by reporting crimes, researchers have a difficult time determining how prevalent the problem may be.

What if my ex is lying about these family law issues?

Virtually no one in Alabama wants to come out on the other side of divorce worse for the wear, but it is important to acknowledge that most people will experience at least some initial financial repercussions. In general, careful planning and an eye for detail can minimize these types of impacts. But what happens if one person is purposely lying about the situation to avoid handling his or her fair share of the divorce? There are a few things to keep in mind when dealing with this type of family law issue.

It is not necessarily uncommon for one person to turn down a settlement offer because he or she cannot afford it. If the other party suspects that he or she is lying about this, social media could hold some important clues. Take, for example, this exact situation when a husband turns down a settlement offer because of financial concerns, but later brags about an expensive vacation and bonus from work. This type of information can be used to demonstrate that a person is indeed financially capable of taking a proposed settlement.

Veterinary student faces criminal charges

Police in Alabama recently arrested a veterinary student who allegedly sent horses to slaughter after promising owners that she would care for the animals. Police were apparently made aware of the situation after owners filed complaints over the matter. The student has since posted bond and, according to reports, is continuing with her education despite the criminal charges.

The 24-year-old veterinary student supposedly promised to care for another woman's animals during her move to Florida. The owner said she left a horse and a mini-mule in the student's care, but when she tried to pick up her pets, the student could not account for them. Another complaint apparently came from an owner who was under the impression that the horses were being left in the care of a rescue. Instead, the student allegedly sold the animals for slaughter.

Criminal defense: Alabama defensive lineman arrested

Police in Alabama recently arrested a young man on allegations of public intoxication. The defendant -- a defensive lineman for the University of Alabama football team -- had his bail set at $500, and at last update appeared to still be in police custody. In addition to the potential criminal consequences he faces, his position on the team, educational opportunities and employment options could also be adversely affected. Because of this, defendants in similar situations often focus on their criminal defense plans in a timely manner.

LaBryan Ray -- a college junior -- was asked to leave a shopping center at approximately 7 p.m. When he refused, the security team from the center contacted the police and detained Ray until they arrived. Upon their arrival, police apparently determined that he was intoxicated and arrested him.

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