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Prepare for a potentially contentious divorce

Whether the word "divorce" filled you with dread or a sense of relief, you now face the potentially long and difficult legal process associated with ending your marriage. If you and your spouse faced a number of disagreements during your relationship, which likely contributed to the ending of it, you may anticipate a case that goes to court and likely ends with a judge making the final decisions.

Divorce litigation is not uncommon, but it does differ from case to case. As a result, it is wise for you to understand what you could face and how you could help yourself handle the proceedings ahead. By taking an active approach to preparation, you may feel more in control and ready to face any conflict ahead.

Prevent personal injury by avoiding no-zones around big rigs

Sharing the highway with large trucks and buses is always risky. Road safety authorities say the number of personal injury and wrongful death claims could be decreased if drivers of passenger vehicles avoided the "no-zones" around big rigs. These are blind spots close to the truck's front, rear, left, and right sides where truck operators are typically unable to see smaller vehicles. In this regard, the most common accidents occur when the truckers unexpectedly change lanes.

Other truck accidents result from passenger car drivers cutting in front of a truck too soon after passing it. This often happens when the driver of the car fails to consider the length of the truck before changing lanes. An effective way to judge when it is safe to move over is when the passenger car driver can see the truck's cab in his or her rearview mirror. Likewise, it is never safe to be immediately behind semis and 18-wheelers, especially when they are backing up, and tailgating them on the highway increases the risk of rear-end collisions. 

3 facing criminal charges following high speed chase

Three people are facing criminal charges following a high-speed chase with police. Their criminal allegations include drug trafficking, weapons charges, and violating the state's current health order, which limits nonessential business.

In early April 2020, a state trooper observed a speeding vehicle on the interstate and tried to initiate a traffic stop, but the driver allegedly refused to stop and led the authorities on a high speed chase. With the help of a sheriff's deputy, the trooper was finally able to stop the vehicle some time later.

Can you name Amazon in your personal injury claim?

There are an endless number of websites from which to order consumer goods, but one stands out from the rest -- Amazon. This is likely due to the platform's wide variety of products and free shipping. Even so, there are instances when a good deal leads to a defective product which injures an unsuspecting person, and it may be time to consider a personal injury lawsuit.

Securing compensation for this type of injury is a priority for many victims. Unfortunately, it used to be quite difficult to hold Amazon responsible for defective products. For years the commerce site argued that it was not responsible for these products because it was not actually selling them, just facilitating between sellers and buyers. Although judges once agreed with this stance, courts are increasingly holding Amazon liable for defective products, even if they were sold by third parties.

Can you guess these common causes of divorce?

Each and every marriage is unique, but many couples find themselves dealing with similar issues in their marriages. In fact, there are several common causes of divorce, including the following. 

Smartphones and social media may make it easier to communicate with people across the world, but couples should not rely on these methods for healthy marital communication. When partners cannot effectively communicate with one another, even minor issues can quickly grow out of proportion. This means that partners need to be able to talk in ways that both understand. Otherwise couples may end up in unproductive arguments over and over again, which can lead to resentment.

Criminal law -- police arrest 3 in shoplifting incident

Police recently arrested three men suspected of shoplifting from a large retail store in Alabama. All three are charged with attempting to elude along with violating a State of Emergency Order. One individual is facing an additional theft charge for violating Alabama criminal law.

On April 3, 2020, the three men allegedly shoplifted from a Walmart location. Police say the men fled the area together in the same vehicle. When police located the vehicle, they attempted to initiate a traffic stop but claim the driver refused to pull over. The officers continued following the car until the driver crashed.

Is it smart to refuse field sobriety tests?

There might not be a lot going on these days, and you may be among the many who are feeling bored. While you certainly have fewer opportunities to socialize lately, you may still enjoy an adult beverage from time to time. Unfortunately, getting behind the wheel of a vehicle after drinking is never a good idea. If police pull you over under suspicion of drunk driving, you may have more serious problems than boredom.

It is important that you understand your rights if you should find yourself facing a police officer who suspects you are intoxicated. One of the most common methods for determining your impairment is field sobriety tests. Many legal advisors recommend that drivers refuse to submit to field sobriety tests, and you may wonder if this is wise advice.

Alabama man charged with trafficking cocaine

An Alabama man is facing criminal charges for alleged trafficking activity that involved several pounds of an illegal substance. Police arrested the man after discovering a large amount of cocaine inside his vehicle and, at last update, the defendant was still in police custody. 

In late February 2020, authorities with an Alabama Drug Enforcement Task Force were informed that someone would be transporting and delivering a large amount of cocaine to a certain location. Agents put that area and the alleged suspect under surveillance and approached the 50-year-old man when he arrived.

Slip-and-fall accidents aren't funny -- they're dangerous

Suffering an injury through no fault of one's own is devastating. It can feel even bleaker when the accident could have been avoided by a simple action, such as cleaning up a spill or replacing a burned out lightbulb. 

Slippery floors are a well-known cause of slip-and-fall accidents. However, there are many other potential dangers for serious injury, including torn carpets, inadequate lighting, cracked sidewalks, and icy paths. Consider the following information when dealing with injuries caused by property owners who ignored these and other responsibilities. 

It may be easier for you to keep your house post-divorce

Divorce will inevitably bring significant changes to your life. You will find that you have to adjust finances, figure out a reasonable custody order and perhaps even rethink your retirement plans. This is a time of transition and adjustment, and you may find that staying in your home is important to you. This can provide stability and security for you during a difficult time.

In many cases, keeping the family home doesn't really make sense for one person after a divorce. It's expensive to own a home, especially with a reduced income and other financial issues that can come after a divorce. While you will want to carefully consider the implications of keeping the family home, it is more affordable to do so now than it was in the past.

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