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Holiday shopping may put you at risk of slip-and-fall injuries

With the holiday season fast approaching and the likely need to buy gifts for loved ones, you may want to get started on your holiday shopping. Whether you enjoy getting out to bustling shops to find the right gift or if you dread crowds and want finish as quickly as possible, you may be unable to avoid going to physical stores, even if you are an avid online shopper.

While getting out and about can be enjoyable, you may also face several safety risks while on the premises of certain businesses. Unfortunately, you could easily fall outside or inside a store due to an owner's lack of attention to potential hazards.

Alabama football player arrested for criminal law violation

A reserve player for the University of Alabama's football team was recently arrested on allegations of driving under the influence. These types of criminal law violations are quite serious, and potential legal consequences can be steep. In addition to potential jail time, some people may see their employment and educational opportunities impacted.

The freshman student has yet to actually play a game, but he is currently listed as a reserve offensive lineman. It is unclear if, in light of these allegations, he will have the opportunity to play any time soon. Alabama's coach, Nick Saban, stated that they have yet to take action against the player and are instead focusing on gathering information.

Personal injury: School bus crash injures students

A tragic accident involving a school bus left one person dead and nearly a dozen others injured. An Alabama high school football team was on its way home from an away game when the bus they were traveling in hit another vehicle. These types of accidents often cause much more than physical harm, and surviving victims tend to deal with long-lasting emotional trauma, which can sometimes be addressed through the successful actions of a personal injury claim.

The bus was carrying 26 high school football players and three of their coaches at the time of the wreck. According to authorities, the school bus driver collided with a smaller passenger vehicle, although it is not clear what factors led to this collision. One person inside the passenger vehicle that was hit died from the injuries suffered.

Taxes can complicate family law matters

When splitting up marital property, couples tend to focus on the current value of assets. While it is certainly important to understand how much something is worth while trying to figure out an appropriate equitable distribution, Alabama couples need to take other factors into consideration. The potential tax implications of certain family law decisions could leave one person with significantly less than they expected. 

While everyone going through a divorce needs to be aware of tax implications, couples over the age of 50 should pay careful attention. These couples tend to have more money stashed away for retirement, and splitting the funds is not always easy. If there are two retirement accounts with roughly equal amounts, some may decide to each keep one account and simply go on with their lives. However, a $20,000 IRA and $20,000 401(k) can actually yield very different results because of the taxes levied against distributions. 

Pedestrians don't always walk away from collisions

Walking is often billed as a healthy, green alternative to driving. While it is great exercise and great for the planet, pedestrians are also at a serious disadvantage on Alabama's roadways. Across the United States, pedestrian death rates are at an all-time high, and they do not seem to be going down any time soon. 

Whether you choose to walk because you enjoy it or out of financial necessity, it is important to understand the associated risks of being a pedestrian. While this can help keep you stay safer, nothing can fully protect you from the dangerous behavior of a negligent driver, unfortunately. 

Personal injury claims when the negligent party died

The driver who allegedly caused a fatal accident on Alabama Highway 67 also died in the tragic collision. One other person was killed in the wreck and another suffered serious injuries. Although there is some confusion about the subject, victims of devastating car wrecks can still pursue compensation through personal injury claims even if the negligent driver was also killed in the accident. 

The two-vehicle accident occurred sometime before 9:30 a.m. when emergency responders were sent out to the collision. According to police, a 54-year-old woman was driving on Alabama 67 when she somehow lost control of her vehicle. She then collided with another vehicle, although it is not clear if the cars were traveling in the same direction or on opposite sides of the road. The woman died while still at the scene. 

Hurt in a bicycle accident? A personal injury claim could help

Whether out of necessity or by choice, biking is a healthy and affordable mode of transportation. Unfortunately, if you are an avid cyclist in Alabama, then you know that there are also some downsides. Perhaps the biggest drawback is that many drivers in passenger vehicles are often unwilling to share the road safely with pedestrians and bicyclists. If you were hit by a negligent driver and are struggling with your recovery, a personal injury claim could be right for you. 

As a bicyclist, you have a right to occupy space on the road. Regardless, people behind the wheel of a car may drive aggressively around people on bicycles or fail to even notice them at all.  

Criminal charges filed after hit-and-run accident

An Alabama man is expected in court soon for allegedly leaving the scene of a single-vehicle accident. Police were able to locate the suspected driver after he dropped his vehicle off at a nearby body shop for repairs. Although no one was hurt, this type of of criminal law violation is still handled seriously. 

Police arrived on the scene of a single-vehicle, hit-and-run accident shortly after 6 a.m. According to witnesses, a driver in a black SUV had struck a signal for a pedestrian crosswalk and then drove off. They also told police that the SUV had significant damage on the driver's side and that the windshield was shattered. Police created a Facebook post about the incident. 

Make sure you feel prepared for your child custody hearing

Not everyone can sit down with their future former spouse and work out an amicable custody arrangement. The media, Hollywood and other people may attempt to tell you that you fall short in your parenting duties if you don't, but that simply isn't true.

Many Lee County couples need the help of the court to figure out their child custody issues. Moreover, not every parenting situation involves two parents fit to share parenting time jointly. If your circumstances mean that you must endure a contentious child custody hearing, so be it. You must do what is best for your children, and sometimes, that means going to court. Before your hearing date, it may reduce your stress and increase your chances of success if you feel prepared. 

Child support orders are important part of Alabama family law

No matter their discipline styles or parenting philosophies, most parents in Alabama would probably agree on one thing -- raising children is expensive. Child support is an essential aspect of family law, which ensures that your kids still receive adequate financial support from both of their parents regardless of your marital status. If you are the primary custodian, support payments also help alleviate some of the financial burden you have taken on. 

Alabama has a system that can be used to calculate child support fairly accurately. However, since no two families are alike, each case will need to be examined for unique factors or circumstances that might influence the support order. Working with an expert can help you better understand the factors that go into these calculations and also make sure that you do not leave out any important information. 

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