Does The Government Want Your Property?

We live in a rapidly growing area. New businesses are going up. New streets are going in. Old streets are being expanded. Often, that expansion seeps onto private land. What do you do when it seeps onto your land and the government is trying to take your property?

You turn to an experienced attorney, like those at our firm. At the Law Offices of Dean & Barrett, we have more than 40 years of experience protecting property owners in Opelika, Auburn and the surrounding parts of Alabama. We can protect you.

Making Them Give You Just Compensation

The power of eminent domain gives cities, states and other bodies of government the right to purchase your land. However, they have to pay you just compensation.

The process by which the government exercises the power of eminent domain is called condemnation. Our lawyers are ready to stand by your side during the condemnation process.

We will take great care to help you determine how much your property is worth. We will work closely with you to find out what your options are in your eminent domain case. We will do what is right for you.

We Are Willing To Take The Matter To Court

Governments have budgets. Unfortunately, that means that they are often unwilling to budge once they make an offer.

We know how to make them budge. Our team of experienced lawyers is willing to take the matter to court. We will build a compelling case that is designed to make it clear to a jury that the compensation we are asking for is simply what is fair. We have a strong record of positive results with these challenging cases.

Free Consultation About Your Eminent Domain Case

To discuss your eminent domain case with an experienced attorney, please contact our Auburn eminent domain lawyers today.