What Commercial Truck Drivers Need to Know About Truck Accidents

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It goes without saying that commercial trucks are significantly larger than the standard four-door sedan. With this in mind, it is not surprising that accidents involving commercial trucks are often much more serious than the average car accident. This means a greater chance of people winding up seriously injured or killed along with greater financial costs in the form of property damage.

In addition, any of the inventory in the back of the truck could also be damaged in the accident. Due to the host of consequences that may arise as a result of these kinds of accidents, it is important for truck drivers to remain informed. Professional drivers who have been involved in commercial truck accidents should consider keeping a few important things in mind. 

The Regulations Surrounding Commercial Truck Drivers Involve Both State and Federal Laws

What makes commercial truck accidents so complicated is that there are many different legal issues in play. While there are overarching federal laws set by the United States Department of Transportation, each state also has its own set of laws. When commercial trucks start to cross state lines, the regulations can be tricky; however, these laws will often determine who is at fault if an accident occurs. There are several important issues regarding truck drivers. These include:

Who Can Possess a Commercial Truck License: People who drive trucks such as 18-wheelers need to follow the state laws when it comes to obtaining a driver’s license. These laws will determine the kind of physical condition (such as eyesight), the age, and the tests that someone needs to pass to obtain a license. Someone driving a truck without the proper license can wind up in serious legal trouble, particularly if an accident occurs.

Drivers Require Rest: While everyone knows that drinking and driving is a serious issue, driving while fatigued is also a potential cause of a serious accident. Because of this, there are limits regarding how long and how far a commercial truck driver can travel before they require a significant amount of rest. Every commercial truck driver should make sure that they understand these regulations.

What Damages Can Someone Claim in a Commercial Truck Accident?

Someone who has been injured in a commercial truck accident can claim a variety of damages if a lawsuit is filed. These damages are used to cover the expenses related to the accident, such as medical costs and property repair, as well as damages to punish the person at fault. Examples of common damages that people can claim include:

Medical Costs: These might include surgical procedures, medication expenses, and doctors’ visits. These can become quite expensive if insurance doesn’t cover these costs.

Lost Income: This could include the potential earning power that has been lost due to a chronic injury as well as the income that someone loses while they recover from their injuries.

Emotional Damages: Also called pain and suffering, these are damages related to the pain and stress of the accident.

Clearly, there are many different issues that may complicate the aftermath of commercial truck accidents. Anyone who has been involved in a commercial truck accident should consider contacting an experienced attorney for more guidance.


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