When life throws a curve ball on your way to a baseball game

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As an Alabama baseball parent, you understand how stressful it can be to get through a typical season and keep up with daily life responsibilities as well. Midway through the schedule, you likely feel stressed, perhaps even wondering how you’ll survive. It seems impossible to continue juggling work, school, household chores, family life and baseball, but you ultimately decide it’s worth it when you see the joy on your child’s face as he or she steps onto the pitcher’s mound or bats a triple.

When it comes to actually driving to and from baseball events, you know all-too-well how busy Auburn roadways can be. Although you always try your best to stay alert and aware of surrounding traffic patterns, there’s little you can do about another motorist’s actions behind the wheel. You can, however, educate yourself on what to do following an accident and have a set plan for where to turn for support when a problem arises.

Be prepared

If another driver wrecks into your vehicle and you or your child is injured, panic may set in. In order to get the help you need in the swiftest manner possible, it’s crucial to try to remain calm and think clearly. The following tips may help you be better prepared to navigate the aftermath of a motor vehicle accident:

  • Keeping an accident kit in your trunk may be a good idea. This can include emergency flares, road cones and warning triangles, as well as note cards and something to write with. Many people also place pre-written cards inside their kits with pertinent medical information regarding the driver and passengers.
  • If a crash occurs, it’s typically best never to sign anything unless a police officer requests it or your own insurance agent (whom you should contact immediately) asks you to do so.
  • Even if collision impact is very minor, it’s a good idea to contact police if you’re able.
  • Never leave an accident scene unless authorities say you are free to go or responders transport you and/or your child to a medical facility for treatment of injuries.

It’s especially upsetting when children are involved in collisions. One minute you and your child are enjoying your ride to a baseball game, and the next thing you know, there’s a loud crash and life changes in an instant. If you later learn the entire incident could have likely been prevented had the other driver not been texting at the time (or drinking alcohol before driving or some other dangerous behavior), you may experience feelings of anger and frustration that evoke a strong desire to seek justice.

A distracted driver can cause you to miss out on a fun baseball season if you or your child suffer injuries that require lengthy recoveries. Beyond the physical challenges of such situations, accidents with injuries often thrust undue financial stress upon recovering victims and their families due to medical expenses and other costs. By allowing an experienced personal injury attorney to seek compensation on your behalf in court, you may be able to obtain full monetary recovery for your losses.


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