Accused Alabama man likely focused on criminal law options

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When authorities suspect an individual to have been involved in criminal activity, the accused person could easily feel overwhelmed by the sudden actions that take place. Charges, arrest, booking and court information could all unexpectedly fall into an individual’s lap, and as a result, he or she may feel uncertain when it comes to handling the situation effectively. Those facing these intimidating circumstances usually turn to a criminal law attorney for help.

One man in Alabama is probably assessing his options after recently being taken into custody. Reports stated that the man was allegedly involved in a shooting in which a gun was fired at two homes, which resulted in windows being shattered and a window air conditioning unit being damaged. Additionally, the man has also been accused of shooting and killing a cat during the alleged incident.

More information on what this reported shooting event entailed was not given in the report. It was noted that a SWAT team took the man into custody while he was at his home, which was apparently a mile away from the purported incident. The report also stated that the man is currently facing charges for reckless endangerment, shooting into an occupied dwelling and animal cruelty.

The charges that have been brought against this Alabama man are serious, and if he is convicted, he could face considerable punishment. Because he may not fully understand the extent of his situation, he is likely relying on his defense counsel to find out more information about the charges brought against him, how he could potentially defend against them and other relevant criminal law information. The answers to those questions may go a long ways toward his deciding upon a defense strategy designed to achieve the best result possible given the circumstances.

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