Serious crash may lead to wrongful death claim in Alabama

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Every car accident is different. As a result, it is important that individuals responding to a serious crash pay attention to the conditions of the incident. Certain factors could contribute to making the situation more dangerous, and emergency crews may have to take extra measures to ensure the safety of the accident victims and themselves.

Such precautions were necessary in a recent Alabama car accident. Reports stated that the incident involved only one vehicle with two occupants. Details on how or why the crash took place were not given in the report, but it was noted that the vehicle collided with a power pole. The incident resulted in power lines being knocked down, and emergency responders had to have the power to the lines cut off before they could attend to the individuals in the car.

The crash resulted in the vehicle’s passenger suffering critical injuries, and that individual was flown from the scene to an area hospital. Unfortunately, that person succumbed to those injuries and later died. The driver of the car was transported from the scene by ambulance and was in stable condition at the time of the report.

The family of the passenger killed in this serious crash may have reason to pursue compensation from the driver considered at fault. Because funeral expenses, emotional turmoil and other outcomes can cause considerable hardships on families after such events, pursuing wrongful death claims may help these individuals work toward financial restitution. Gaining information on how to file this type of claim in Alabama may prove useful.

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