Accused of drunk driving? Focusing on your defense could be key

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A conviction for driving under the influence of alcohol can have a substantial impact on your life, even if only temporarily. If you are facing DUI charges, chances are, you might wish to avoid any potentially devastating consequences, but perhaps you are uncertain how to proceed.

Allegations of such an offense can be challenging enough on their own, and the process of challenging charges can seem somewhat intimidating. However, if you choose to prepare for the road ahead by focusing on your options for DUI defense, you might be more prepared to pursue a favorable outcome during court proceedings.

Challenging a DUI charge

Should you choose to challenge the charges against you, the options for defense will likely depend on a variety of variables. While there may be numerous available options, some common defenses to drunk driving could include the following:

  • Probable cause:  If you question the presence of an initial traffic violation, you may be able to argue that the officer didn’t have probable cause to initiate the traffic stop, and proof of an improper stop could lead to a dismissal of the charges against you.
  • Field sobriety tests:  In some cases, you might be able to challenge the charges by questioning the administration and results of field sobriety tests, such as the horizontal gaze nystagmus test.
  • Breath test:  While this test may be a common indicator of intoxication, the results are hardly infallible, and additional factors may have an influence on the outcome.
  • Blood test:  Results from a blood test are sometimes contestable, whether based on improper administration or an issue in the chain of custody.
  • Timing of tests:  It can take time for the body to fully absorb alcohol, and you might be able to argue that your blood alcohol content was below the legal limit at the time of the traffic stop, and began to rise shortly after.

Since these are only a few of the viable options for your defense, it might prove beneficial to seek assistance from someone with extensive knowledge of Alabama state DUI laws for guidance on the best course of action to take moving forward before entering the process.

Assistance in the process

A conviction for driving under the influence may not only affect your driving privileges, it may also have an impact on your ability to obtain a position within certain fields of employment as well. With the gravity of the situation, you may wish to protect yourself from undesirable consequences by challenging the charges, which often prompts a need for assistance with the process. By seeking guidance in the initial stages, you could obtain some much-needed advice on making informed decisions throughout this stressful and daunting life event.


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