When walking goes from a healthy choice to a hazardous one

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Car accidents occur every day, each of which has the potential to end in catastrophe, perhaps especially those involving pedestrians. Without the protective barriers that a vehicle may provide, pedestrians are often at higher risk of suffering serious injuries in collisions.

Perhaps you prefer to travel on foot, but also place a great deal of importance on your safety. If so, you may wonder what you can do to reduce the risk of a pedestrian-vehicle accident.

Reducing the risk of pedestrian accidents

Although it may be difficult, if not impossible, to prevent every accident, knowing some of the risks that you may face as a pedestrian could go a long way toward preventing a disaster. Some of the more prevalent causes of such accidents may include the following:

  • Use of lanes:  It can be challenging to react quickly enough to avoid a vehicle that makes a sudden and unexpected lane change as a pedestrian. In addition, those who walk near lanes of traffic might want to take extra care to avoid the risk of falling or getting knocked into the road.
  • Intersections:  Intersections are a proverbial hotspot for pedestrian accidents, especially those with poorly marked crosswalks and/or high volumes of traffic. Even in a well-lit and clearly marked area, you might want to practice caution at intersections.
  • Distractions/influences:  Distracted or drunk drivers pose a significant threat to pedestrians, and they can be difficult to avoid. Alternatively, pedestrians who use electronics while walking may put themselves in harm’s way.
  • Areas of dense traffic:  The chances of a collision inherently increase in areas of dense traffic, and these areas are often popular for those who choose to walk.
  • Miscellaneous:  Noise and visibility are some other common concerns, as wearing dark clothing at night can be dangerous, and quiet cars can seemingly appear out of nowhere.

Unfortunately, accidents do occur, especially in the presence of negligence. If while out walking on a sunny day here in Alabama, a car suddenly slams into you, chances are high that you suffered severe injuries in the process.

Pursuing compensation

In addition to causing you pain and suffering, the financial ramifications of a pedestrian-related accident can also create numerous hardships that could be challenging to overcome. If the driver of the vehicle is at fault, you may wish to pursue compensation accordingly, but the process can be complex. Seeking guidance for the road ahead might be in your best interests. By seeking advice and assistance, you could be in a much better position to pursue the compensation you deserve through the necessary sources.


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