Criminal charges for abuse brought against Alabama parents

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Because each criminal case is different, the parties accused in a particular case may have different defense options than those involved in another case. Understanding these options and how they could apply to certain criminal charges could make a considerable difference in how individuals choose to proceed. In order to understand available defense avenues, parties may wish to look into applicable information.

A man and a woman in Alabama may be hoping to find their most feasible courses of action after recently being accused of a crime. Reports stated that the individuals were suspected of allegedly abusing their teenage child. The child was reported as being 15 years old, and the parents purportedly subjected the teen to neglect, which apparently led to malnourishment.

A complaint had reportedly been filed with the Alabama Department of Human Resources, which led to the investigation. The 55-year-old man and 41-year-old woman are now facing charges for felony child abuse. Their bonds were set at $1,000 and $5,000 respectively. The child was taken into the custody of the DHR. Additional information on the situation was not detailed in the report.

When first faced with criminal charges, it is not unusual for parties to feel uncertain about how to handle the predicament. This uncertainty may lead to feelings of fear and apprehension, but gaining the right information may help accused individuals feel more in control of their situations. Parties looking to obtain reliable knowledge and insight into possible ways to handle their cases may wish to enlist the help of experienced attorneys.

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