Wrongful death claim may result from Alabama bicycle accident

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When another person is considered responsible for the death of a loved one, surviving family members may have reason to take legal action. A wrongful death claim could help those individuals pursue compensation for damages resulting from the fatal event. This type of action is not entirely uncommon after car accidents that lead to deaths.

One family in Alabama may find themselves considering this possible course of action after a recent incident. Reports stated that a bicyclist was hit by a vehicle at approximately 12:30 p.m. Specific details regarding the accident were not given in the report. It was noted that the vehicle involved was a pickup truck, and the driver did not remain at the scene. 

Authorities were able to locate the vehicle and the driver involved, and that person was taken into custody. The individual on the bicycle suffered fatal injuries in the incident. Neither his or her age nor identifying information was given in the report. The incident is likely still under investigation, and additional information may be available at a later time. 

The family of the bicyclist killed in this accident is surely devastated by the sudden loss. In order to seek justice and potentially gain compensation for damages permitted under Alabama law, they may wish to look into their options for filing a wrongful death claim. This type of civil lawsuit may also help them find some semblance of closure, especially if their case proved successful. Additional information on this route may help them determine whether they may wish to file a claim.

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