Alabama car crash results in woman’s death

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When drivers do not take care to remain safe and aware behind the wheel, they could easily cause issues on roadways. In many cases, reckless or negligent drivers cause serious car accidents that leave innocent travelers with serious or fatal injuries. When a crash does prove deadly, the victim’s family may be looking for legal information in the aftermath.

One family may be considering their options for justice and compensation after a recent accident in Alabama. Reports stated that the incident occurred when a southbound vehicle hit the rear of the vehicle in front of it. The collision caused the car that was hit to travel into the northbound lane, and that vehicle struck a pickup truck head-on.

The 63-year-old woman driving the vehicle that was hit in the rear suffered fatal injuries as a result of the incident. The driver of the pickup truck was taken from the scene to be treated for injuries, but he is expected to survive. The driver who rear-ended the woman’s vehicle was not hurt. That individual is currently facing charges for criminally negligent homicide. It was unclear what may have caused his vehicle to hit the woman’s in the first place.

The deceased victim’s family members were undoubtedly devastated to learn the news of the fatal crash. As they contend with their grief and other emotions associated with the incident, they may want to consider whether taking legal action against the driver considered at fault could suit their circumstances. If they wish to seek compensation for funeral expenses, pain and suffering, and other damages permitted under Alabama state law, they may want to gain information on wrongful death claims.

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