Alabama teens facing criminal charges for assault after hazing

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When parents learn that their children are in trouble with the law, many thoughts may run through their minds. They may first wonder what happened or how they will punish their children themselves. Of course, when that trouble leads to serious criminal charges, parents may need to find ways to help their kids defend themselves in court.

It was recently reported that four teenagers in Alabama are facing allegations of assault after an alleged incident that left a 14-year-old boy injured. According to reports, the boy had been promoted to the varsity football team and then hazed by his teammates. However, that hazing apparently involved approximately 20 other players kicking and striking the teen in other ways. The boy’s parents stated that two other freshmen had to help their son off the floor.

The teen reportedly suffered a broken arm that required surgery as well as a busted lip and bruising. At the time of the report, three teens had been charged with assault, and a fourth player also wanted for assault had not yet been located by authorities. It was unclear whether more of the players could potentially face charges, and details were not given on why these four teens were already charged.

Because the individuals facing criminal charges in this Alabama case are under the age of 18, their parents will likely be making the majority of their legal decisions. Their parents certainly understand the severity of the situation and the impact that convictions for assault could have on their kids’ lives. In hopes of working toward creating meaningful defense presentations, they may wish to gain more information on available legal options.

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