Criminal law: Mother allegedly forgot baby in car, faces charges

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Alabama police recently arrested a mother who apparently forgot her child inside of her locked vehicle. She is accused of endangering the welfare of a child, although it does not appear that she is still in police custody for this alleged criminal law violation. At the time of the incident she also had her other child with her.

A Walmart employee apparently spotted the woman exiting her vehicle with her toddler, and then proceeding into the store. The employee walked by the parked vehicle and noticed that a baby was still in the backseat. According to the worker’s account, the doors were locked and the windows were rolled up. The police were notified of the situation, and as the employee and witnesses waited for the mother’s arrival, they broke one of the vehicle’s windows and removed the baby. Reports indicate that the baby’s skin was extremely red and that it was lethargic.

Upon their arrival, police located the driver and her toddler inside the store. They asked her about the whereabouts of her other child, and she then supposedly told officers she forgot her baby in the backseat of the car. A few days after her arrest she wrote on Facebook that she was not sure how she had forgotten her baby.

Criminal law matters involving children are quite serious. In some instances, defendants may also stand to lose custody of their children. Alabama residents facing such serious charges are usually well-advised to begin their criminal defense planning as early on as possible in order to pursue the most satisfactory outcome possible.


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