Criminal law: UA linebacker arrested, kicked off team

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No one makes it through life without making their fair share of mistakes, but some people end up paying much more for their missteps than others. When accused of violating criminal law, many Alabama defendants end up facing immediate consequences, and potentially even more if convicted. A former linebacker from the University of Alabama is unfortunately currently dealing with this type of situation.

VanDarius Cowan, a 19-year-old sophomore at UA, was a linebacker for the university’s team. Cowan had previously taken time away from much of the team’s spring practices to focus more closely on his studies but returned by the end of spring. Now, he will not play at all.

Cowan was apparently at a bar in the early hours of the morning sometime in late June when he allegedly punched another man in the face. The victim received stitches at a nearby emergency room and claims he did not provoke Cowan, although details surrounding the alleged assault are somewhat unclear. Local police charged Cowan with third-degree assault — a misdemeanor — for which he turned himself in to authorities. He posted $500 bail and did not have to go into police custody.

It is not uncommon for those convicted of criminal law violations to miss out on certain opportunities, particularly those related to employment and education. However, there are sometimes repercussions from simply being arrested. Minimizing these effects is a priority for many Alabama defendants, and early defense planning can be key to doing so. By preparing early on, defendants may have a better view of the situation and an understanding of how to proceed in order to achieve the best possible outcome.


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