Seeking damages after a motor vehicle accident

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You begin your morning commute as you always do: a coffee in hand and talk radio blaring from your speakers. However, all of a sudden, your commute takes a turn for the worst when someone strikes your car due to being negligent behind the wheel. For instance, maybe the other driver was attempting to text and drive simultaneously, which is a far too common occurrence these days.

Now you have to deal with the aftermath of your motor vehicle accident. In addition to facing hospital bills, you also have a vehicle to repair. Fortunately, you may be entitled to receive compensation for these things along with monetary relief for your accident-related pain and suffering. Here is a glimpse at the potential damages that can be sought from a personal injury claim:

The various types of accident-related damages

Damages associated with a car accident injury lawsuit fall under two categories: general damages and special damages. The later are tied to economic harm — for instance, your lost wages as a result of having to miss work. Other types of special damages include property or motor vehicle damage.

Meanwhile, general damages include pain and suffering as well as the following types of noneconomic damages:

  • Physical impairment or disfigurement
  • Emotional distress
  • Losing the enjoyment of your daily life
  • Losing companionship
  • Losing your reputation

General damages can also include mental anguish or even a possibly shortened lifespan stemming from a serious accident.

How do you calculate damages specifically for pain and suffering?

Medical bills and property damage are typically simple to evaluate during a personal injury claim, as you can simply submit your medical treatment receipts or car repair shop quote to determine how much you should pursue in damages. However, it is more challenging to determine how much money would fairly compensate you for pain and suffering stemming from a car accident.

The court will look at several factors when determining how much you should receive for your pain and suffering.

These factors include the following:

  • The special damage amount you claim
  • How severe your injury is
  • The nature and location of any disfigurement or scarring
  • The amount of recovery time you need
  • Political or socioeconomic factors
  • Potential for long-term effects of your injury

If you were the victim of another driver’s reckless or negligent actions, an experienced attorney in Alabama can help you to pursue the full amount of damages to which you are entitled. A damage award cannot undo the events that led to your motor vehicle accident; however, it may help you to more easily move on from the unfortunate ordeal.


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