Criminal charges filed after hit-and-run accident

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An Alabama man is expected in court soon for allegedly leaving the scene of a single-vehicle accident. Police were able to locate the suspected driver after he dropped his vehicle off at a nearby body shop for repairs. Although no one was hurt, this type of of criminal law violation is still handled seriously. 

Police arrived on the scene of a single-vehicle, hit-and-run accident shortly after 6 a.m. According to witnesses, a driver in a black SUV had struck a signal for a pedestrian crosswalk and then drove off. They also told police that the SUV had significant damage on the driver’s side and that the windshield was shattered. Police created a Facebook post about the incident. 

Around 8:30 a.m., an individual alerted police to a possible match of the vehicle description, which they had spotted turning into an auto body shop not far from the scene of the accident. Police used debris left behind during the accident to identify the SUV, and when they confronted the driver, he allegedly admitted that he had caused the wreck and then left the scene. He was issued a citation for the incident. 

Leaving the scene of an accident — even a single-vehicle wreck — can lead to serious criminal charges for Alabama drivers. This type of charge can lead to fines and even jail time. Defendants are well-advised to conduct a thorough review of all charges and related evidence in as timely a manner as possible, as doing so can provide valuable insight into possible defense options. 


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