Hurt in a bicycle accident? A personal injury claim could help

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Whether out of necessity or by choice, biking is a healthy and affordable mode of transportation. Unfortunately, if you are an avid cyclist in Alabama, then you know that there are also some downsides. Perhaps the biggest drawback is that many drivers in passenger vehicles are often unwilling to share the road safely with pedestrians and bicyclists. If you were hit by a negligent driver and are struggling with your recovery, a personal injury claim could be right for you. 

As a bicyclist, you have a right to occupy space on the road. Regardless, people behind the wheel of a car may drive aggressively around people on bicycles or fail to even notice them at all.  

In these situations it is usually the cyclist, not the driver, who is hurt. To make matters worse, drivers are often resistant to the idea that they were the ones who acted negligently. Victims can utilize professional help to demonstrate the extent of a driver’s negligence. This often includes a thorough investigation of the accident scene, the condition of the roads, and even how the vehicle was maintained by the owner. 

If you were injured in a bicycle accident then you already know how severe the injuries can be. You may have taken time off of work to seek medical treatment and to recover, leaving you with a small or nonexistent paycheck as your medical bills piled up. A personal injury suit is a smart approach for most victims in Alabama, as successful claims can yield necessary and just compensation. 


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