Doctor, others charged with criminal law violations

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An Alabama doctor was recently indicted on 103 different criminal counts. The alleged criminal law violations include accusations that he improperly dispensed controlled substances. Two others — a pharmacist and a pharmaceutical sales representative — were also indicted on related charges.

The 46-year-old doctor allegedly conspired with the pharmacist, drug sales rep, and members of his staff to commit health care fraud. Investigators believe that the doctor had his officer manager or X-ray technician meet with his patients who suffered from opiod addiction, and then billed the insurance company, claiming that he had actually conducted the examination. This was also apparently related to his charges for administering controlled substances to patients who did not have a medical need for them, such as Adderall for patients with attention deficit disorders and oxycodone for patients with addictions.

As for the pharmacist and sales representative, the pair are charged with defrauding third-party health insurance administrators of upwards of $10.5 million. The two allegedly submitted fraudulent bills for compounded drugs. They are also facing charges for spending proceeds that came from acts of health care fraud.

The potential legal consequences for these types of criminal law violations are severe. A charge of improperly dispensing a controlled substance without medical need could net up to 20 years behind bars and an astounding $1 million fine, so letting criminal matters take their course to see where things end up is not advisable. Alabama defendants who have a lot on the line are well advised to begin carefully reviewing their charges and working on their criminal defense plans in the most timely manner possible.


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