Understanding one’s criminal law rights can be vital

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Violent crimes happen every day. People are arrested and charged with those crimes, and it may become a story in the local or even national media. For the person charged with a crime, it is much more than media. The charges have an immediate impact on one’s life, and it is crucial that the accused individual understand his or her rights under the criminal law to the proceedings.

Recently, a man was found dead in a Foley apartment complex. The deceased had reportedly been stabbed multiple times. In the course of the investigation, the police reported that the deceased’s SUV was missing. It was later recovered after having been abandoned on a highway.

The police announced that they were interested in speaking to a man as a person of interest in the theft of the vehicle. The man was apprehended and is currently facing charges for the theft. Alabama authorities have stated that they intend to question the individual regarding the murder.

Facing criminal charges of any sort is a daunting prospect in Alabama. The chances of those charges including homicide could cause fear and panic. Criminal law places the burden of proving formal accusations on prosecutors, who must establish each and every element of a crime charged in court beyond a reasonable doubt. At every stage of the proceedings, the accused is presumed innocent of the charges, a presumption that can only be overcome by prosecutors actually proving their case by relevant and competent evidence. Alongside experienced legal counsel, a defendant has every right to contest the allegations and pursue a result in his or her own best interests.


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