Criminal defense: Alabama defensive lineman arrested

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Police in Alabama recently arrested a young man on allegations of public intoxication. The defendant — a defensive lineman for the University of Alabama football team — had his bail set at $500, and at last update appeared to still be in police custody. In addition to the potential criminal consequences he faces, his position on the team, educational opportunities and employment options could also be adversely affected. Because of this, defendants in similar situations often focus on their criminal defense plans in a timely manner.

LaBryan Ray — a college junior — was asked to leave a shopping center at approximately 7 p.m. When he refused, the security team from the center contacted the police and detained Ray until they arrived. Upon their arrival, police apparently determined that he was intoxicated and arrested him.

It is not clear what Ray’s blood-alcohol content was or if he had been drinking at the shopping center or elsewhere. However, Alabama’s coach Nick Saban stated that he would be evaluating which disciplinary measures would be most appropriate. Ray played in 15 games during the most recent season and in 2017 was one of the top-rated players in the state of Alabama.

Even seemingly minor charges can have serious consequences for defendants, such as fines, jail time, and changes in their personal lives. Crafting the strongest possible criminal defense can help minimize these types of impacts, but it is a process that can take time. In most cases, early and timely action — including the review of all charges and related evidence — is a good first step.


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