Family law: Do I need a new financial adviser after divorce?

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Filing for divorce is about more than ending a romantic relationship. Alabama couples usually want a clean break physically, emotionally, and financially, which gives both parties the room to grow in their new, post-divorce lives. However, some couples may have a few connecting ties that they still need to sever before they can truly put this family law issue behind.

Aside from the typical things that most couples share — a home, property, investments, and more — many also share professional services. It makes sense for married couples to use the same financial adviser and accountant. However, it no longer makes sense to continue using shared professionals after a divorce. In many cases, securing the services of new financial professionals before the divorce is finalized is an even better idea.

Accountants and financial advisers can provide specialized services that prioritize a person’s financial security after a divorce. If the same professional is working for a divorcing couple, priorities might be less easily defined. The idea of using the same professional adviser can also be uncomfortable for those who are ready to definitively end any connections they have to a soon-to-be ex.

Finalizing a divorce gives people in Alabama the opportunity to set out on a new path in life. For these individuals, securing new financial advisers can help make that path clearer and more obvious than it otherwise might be. While finding a new financial adviser might seem like an overwhelming task in the midst of a divorce, individuals who are working with a family law attorney may be able to turn to them for recommendations.


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