Veterinary student faces criminal charges

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Police in Alabama recently arrested a veterinary student who allegedly sent horses to slaughter after promising owners that she would care for the animals. Police were apparently made aware of the situation after owners filed complaints over the matter. The student has since posted bond and, according to reports, is continuing with her education despite the criminal charges.

The 24-year-old veterinary student supposedly promised to care for another woman’s animals during her move to Florida. The owner said she left a horse and a mini-mule in the student’s care, but when she tried to pick up her pets, the student could not account for them. Another complaint apparently came from an owner who was under the impression that the horses were being left in the care of a rescue. Instead, the student allegedly sold the animals for slaughter.

These allegations come after two prior arrests. She was previously charged with 13 counts of bringing property into the state by false pretense. The student was also charged with something similar in another state less than a year ago. It is not clear if these past charges might be related to her more recent allegations.

When facing criminal charges, it is important for defendants to understand their situations as fully and completely as possible. This can be an overwhelming prospect, though, so most Alabama defendants choose to review their criminal charges alongside an experienced attorney. Doing so often provides valuable insight into the defense planning process and can help individuals determine whether fighting the charges or negotiating a plea deal would be most appropriate.


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