Criminal charges for Alabama buffet brawl

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It might not be uncommon to hear someone say that a dish is so delicious that it would make a person want to slap their grandmother. While this saying generally does not evoke actual violence, two Alabama residents apparently felt this strongly about the food served at an area buffet. A man and a woman involved in an alleged brawl at the restaurant were arrested and now face criminal charges.

A witness told police that the problem began when restaurant customers had to wait for fresh crab legs to be put out on the buffet. He stated that customers had stood waiting by the buffet for as long as 20 minutes before employees finally brought out the hot item for which several people were waiting. The witness reported hearing people argue with multiple people accusing others of cutting in line in front of them.

Two customers began to physically fight one another over the crab legs. Although it is not clear how the altercation started, the woman was seen beating the man at one point, and the diners even reportedly used some of the serving tongs as makeshift swords. Several plates were shattered in the process and the man suffered a cut on his head.

The woman was not hurt in the altercation and now faces criminal charges for third-degree assault. The man was only charged with disorderly conduct. Alabama authorities apparently did not take either of the diners to jail, but at least one of the defendants already has a court date scheduled. Timely action regarding criminal defense planning would be well advised for both of these defendants since having a criminal record can seriously impact a person’s life.


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