Don’t let these family law mistakes slow down your divorce

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Facing the divorce process is challenging under the best of circumstances. At the onset it can feel distinctly large and overwhelming, and those feelings do not necessarily go away once a couple has embarked down that road. While dealing with the emotional aspect of divorce can take some time, here are some things to keep in mind when dealing with this important aspect of family law.

There is no denying that untangling a marriage is an emotional process whether a couple was married for a few years or several decades. With emotions running high on both sides, it can be tempting to try and hold out on negotiating as a way for one person to get exactly what he or she wants or to punish a soon-to-be ex. This can feel satisfying in the moment but lead to long-term consequences, such as drawn-out proceedings that are both expensive and time-consuming. Instead, approaching things like property division with a willingness to cooperate and negotiate can lead to easier, quicker and even cheaper results that everyone can be happy with.

For parents, cooperation might be even more important. Until there is a permanent child custody agreement, parents can still keep their exes informed about when and where they will be spending time with the children. This can feel understandably tedious and even intrusive, but the practice protects both parents form unnecessary accusations.

Individuals should also be certain that they fully disclose all of their assets and financial interests to the very best of their abilities. Courts generally do not look happily upon those who try to hide assets from divorce proceedings, and the consequences can be severe. Divorce decrees can even be thrown out altogether for alleged financial deception.

Family law can be complicated, which can make divorce seem a bit scary and overwhelming. However, this should not stop anyone from ending an unhappy marriage. Most of the common fears associated with divorce can be easily addressed through the guidance of an experienced family law attorney.


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