Corrections officer arrested for criminal law violation

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Criminal charges can have serious, real-life consequences for defendants’ personal and professional lives. Depending on a person’s career, the individual could possibly end up losing his or her job even without a conviction. Others may face workplace penalties, such as administrative penalties and other forms of disciplinary actions. This is why dealing with criminal law matters in a prompt and vigorous manner can be extremely beneficial for many defendants.

An Alabama woman who was working as a state prison sergeant was recently arrested on drug-related charges. According to the Alabama Department of Corrections Investigations and Intelligence Division, the 35-year-old corrections officer brought drugs to work. The substance was not on her person, however.

According to reports, an officer and K-9 were conducting a vehicle inspection shortly before 10 p.m. It is not clear if these vehicle inspections are routine at the facility where she worked, but the ADOC has a zero-tolerance stance regarding contraband, including illegal substances. The K-9 unit ultimately located a small bag of marijuana inside the woman’s vehicle. She was arrested on a charge of unlawful marijuana possession.

The corrections officer did not resign after her arrest, but she is expected to receive disciplinary actions from her place of employment. Some Alabama defendants have to deal with much more severe consequences than disciplinary actions and, instead, lose their jobs after being arrested for criminal law violations. This is why many defendants take the act of preparing their criminal defense very seriously, as it can help minimize other potential consequences, both legal and personal.


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