Family law concerns when divorcing for the second time

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Getting divorced is a unique experience no matter whether it is a person’s first, second or even third marriage. In each instance, a person might encounter new emotional, financial, and practical issues that must be overcome. Here are a few family law matters that individuals embarking on their second or third divorce might need to keep in mind.

Figuring out the right child custody arrangement is important for parents in Alabama. A parent who is divorcing for the second time and has children from both marriages might notice that figuring out a custody agreement could be harder the second time around. This is because their custody arrangement from the first marriage will likely impact how parenting time is divided for the children from the second marriage. A parent in this situation will have to coordinate parenting schedules with not one ex-spouse, but two.

Even if a person does not have children from a second marriage or if the children are adults, he or she can still hit a few roadblocks. Second divorces tend to happen later on in life, when a person might have more assets — including retirement savings. Navigating property division and financial settlements tends to be more complicated when there are more assets involved and more money on the line. There could also be the matter of one person still paying spousal support to an ex-spouse.

While virtually all divorces can be emotionally stressful, some Alabama couples might have a few extra hurdles to get over. Filing for divorce a second or third time can put extra pressure on a person’s finances and parenting time, leaving some wondering whether it is better to simply stay in an unhappy marriage. However, no one should feel forced to stay in a marriage that is not working. Those who feel conflicted on the matter could consider speaking with a family law attorney about what their best options for moving forward would be.


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