What Alabama families should know about premises liability

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Maintaining a safe environment free from serious safety risks is an important responsibility for property owners. When it is not possible to address or fix a safety risk, property owners should provide adequate warnings or signs that caution visitors.

Unfortunately, many property owners in Alabama do not take this responsibility seriously, and it can lead to severe injuries and even death. Here is what you should know about premises liability following a loved one’s death.

Accidents and injuries that occur on another person’s property might be the result of negligent action. These accidents can occur on either commercial or residential property. Like most people, you are probably already familiar with the concept of a slip-and-fall accident, but you might not know how serious these accidents can be. An unexpected fall can lead to serious bodily harm, brain damage, and fatal injuries.

Injuries can occur in many other types of accidents. A dog bite or animal attack can be a premises liability matter if a property owner knew — or should have known — that a pet posed threat. In fact, Alabama is a strict liability state when it comes to dog bites. Inadequate security that leads to an assault on a commercial property is another type of accident for which victims could possibly receive compensation.

Demonstrating negligence by a property owner can be hard, and Alabama families who are struggling with the unexpected death of a loved one may be unsure of where to start. Because of this, a victim’s loved ones might find it helpful to secure experienced guidance when pursuing a premises liability or wrongful death claim. For more information about accidents and injuries that occur on another person’s property, be sure to visit our website.


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