Men are often affected by these family law myths

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Staying in an unhappy marriage is not emotionally healthy for anyone involved. Unfortunately, some people choose to stay married because they are worried about the outcomes of divorce. Although some concerns are justified, many are based on myths or only partial truths. Separating the myths from the truth can help those who are hesitant to move forward and take the necessary steps for divorce.

Alimony can be a contentious issue during divorce, but it is important for ensuring the stability of a spouse who earned less or did not work during the marriage. Many men assume they will have to pay alimony even if their wives were the breadwinners, but this is not true. It is not uncommon for women to earn more than men, so while men might have been the primary ones responsible for alimony in the past, women are now paying more frequently. This is because alimony is based on each person’s income, not on gender.

Men may also put off divorce because they are worried about not seeing their children very often. Even if they expect to share legal custody — the right to make important decisions for their children — few think they will get little more than visitation rights. It is a myth that mothers always get primary custody. Although this may have been common in the past, judges understand that custody should be based on children’s best interests, which usually involves seeing both parents.

For someone who is not familiar with Alabama family law, there are many unknowns when it comes to divorce. This may lead an individual to rely on myths when making important decisions about marriage and divorce. A better approach could be to speak with an experienced attorney, as he or she may be better equipped to answer questions and put fears at ease.


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