Who can be held responsible for a drunk driving accident?

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Most people in Alabama know that it is dangerous to drink and drive, but not everyone takes it as seriously as they should. This means that you could be at risk for serious injury even if you are a conscientious person who uses a designated driver or refrains from drinking while out. Injuries from a drunk driving accident can be, and quite often are, severe. Holding the responsible party liable for such an accident is important.

When a drunk driver injures another driver, passenger, or pedestrian, he or she can be held accountable. While you might understandably be dealing with emotional trauma from the accident, you may need help to access resources to help your recovery, both physical and mental. This is often accomplished through a personal injury claim.

You may be surprised to learn that you can hold other people and institutions responsible for your injuries. Alabama state law allows for dram shop claims, which gives injury victims the ability to also hold bars, restaurants, and even liquor stores accountable for their negligence as well. This law usually applies when the drunk driver was overserved or sold alcohol while in an obviously intoxicated state.

Surviving a drunk driving accident can be a traumatizing experience. Not only do you have physical injuries, but you may have lasting emotional trauma. Steep medical bills and lost wages can make your situation even worse. If you need help pursuing the compensation you need for your recovery, be sure to visit our website for more information.


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