Can certain songs cause car accidents?

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While some people may prefer to drive in silence, listening to music while behind the wheel is quite common. It might even be difficult to find a driver who does not have the music on at least some of the time. Unfortunately, recent research shows that certain types of music could lead to car accidents.

Researchers interested in whether music influences driving habits conducted a study using a driving simulator. The simulator showed a six-lane motorway that study participants had to navigate. Participants either drove in silence or were exposed to a number of different popular songs across various genres. On average, participants switched lanes 20 times during 70-minute periods. When participants listened to songs with higher tempos, the number of average lane switches doubled.

Researchers concluded that uptempo rock music is particularly dangerous, since such songs usually have 120 or more beats per minute (BPM). The researchers used this information to compile a list of the most dangerous songs for driving. The song “American Idiot” by Green Day has 189 BPM and took the number one spot on that list. “Stairway” by Led Zeppelin was listed as the safest choice.

Minimizing distractions is an important part of being a safe driver. Most safe drivers do their very best to avoid car accidents by paying careful attention to the road. Unfortunately, no matter how carefully a person might act while behind the wheel, it is impossible to avoid encountering a negligent or reckless driver. When a person is injured because of another driver’s careless behavior, pursuing a personal injury claim can be an appropriate choice for recovering documented monetary damages.


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