Family law: Why you should consider a prenuptial agreement

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Alabama couples usually spend months planning and coordinating their dream weddings. However, this planning process is usually missing an important family law tool — the prenuptial agreement. Even if the idea of a prenup seems scary or like something that is only for the very wealthy, most couples could truly benefit from creating this type of agreement.

Just behind infidelity, money problems are the biggest cause of divorce. Even though financial troubles are such a significant issue, many couples do not ever discuss money before getting married. Couples who choose to create prenuptial agreements cannot avoid these difficult and even uncomfortable conversations. This can create a strong foundation for ongoing communication during marriage, especially when it comes to money.

However, simply talking about money will not prevent a couple from deciding to divorce. In these situations, having a prenuptial agreement should protect both people during the process. That is because each person can outline his or her own personal property in the prenup. This should prevent any confusion over which property is marital and which is separate, and is very helpful during property division.

Even if a person is interested in a prenuptial agreement, he or she may feel reluctant to ask for one. This is because prenups are often associated with wealthy couples or people who are only in it for the money. The reality is that virtually every couple could benefit from at least exploring the idea of a prenup. A person who is worried about the implications of doing so may feel better after speaking with an experienced family law attorney.


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