Unique family law concerns when divorcing during retirement

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Just like there is no age limit for falling in love and getting married, there is also no age limit when it comes to divorce. Whether a couple is only a few years into their marriage or have spent decades together, an unhappy marriage is an unhappy marriage. Virtually all divorcing couples in Alabama will have to deal with many of the same issues. These include things like property division and alimony. However, couples who are past the age of 50 will have some unique family law concerns.

It is true that divorce can often impact a person’s financial stability. Divorcees who are at least 50 years old are generally hit harder than younger adults, especially women. The average woman who gets divorced after age 50 experiences a 45% decrease in her standard of living, while the average man will only see a 21% drop. Women who divorced after turning 50 and are now 63 years of age or older have the highest poverty rate in the United States.

When younger adults get divorced, they generally have enough time left in their working years to recover financially. Adults who are near or already in retirement do not have those same options. During divorce they often have to divide retirement savings, which do not stretch as far when spread across two households.

Age should not hold anyone back from pursuing divorce. While it is true that people of a certain age might face difficult family law issues, that does not mean that it is impossible to overcome those problems. When an Alabama resident understands his or her rights and as much of the divorce process as possible, it may prove easier to reach an agreeable solution.


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