Serious car accidents cause serious injuries

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Experiencing a car wreck can be extremely traumatic. Serious injuries are common, and although victims may suffer a wide range of physical traumas, recovery can be very difficult. Here are just some of the injuries associated with serious car accidents.

A head injury is one of the most serious injuries a person can suffer in a car wreck. These injuries can be mild or severe, ranging from things like concussions to traumatic brain injuries. These injuries may result in things like cognitive issues and victims often need long-term, ongoing care. A head injury is usually — although not always — the result of a victim hitting his or her head on a dashboard, window or steering wheel.

Neck injuries are also a problem. Most people in Alabama are familiar with whiplash, but they may not realize that it is actually a serious neck injury that can cause damage to ligaments and muscles. Milder symptoms include things like swelling and pain, but more serious cases of whiplash can lead to temporary cases of vocal cord paralysis.

Injuries to the chest, back, and limbs are also common. However, whether suffering from a head injury or a broken arm, every victim will experience different symptoms, outcomes, and damages. This is why it is so important for victims of serious car accidents to seek prompt medical attention. Receiving care in a timely manner can be important for recovery. Successfully pursuing a personal injury claim is also helpful for recovery because it is possible to recover compensation for related damages, like medical bills and lost wages.


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