Can personal injury lawsuits address pedestrian accidents?

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Walking is a great form of exercise and, for individuals without cars, it is even a necessity. But walking near cars is dangerous, especially when it comes time to cross a road. Pedestrians are at great risk for personal injury just being near the road. Sadly, the aftermath of a collision is usually tragic.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Association, 5,000 pedestrians are killed in accidents and thousands more are injured each and every year. Negligent drivers cause a lot of those accidents. A negligent driver is someone who does not act reasonably in a given situation and who generally ignores his or her duty of care.

A driver’s duty of care includes things like paying attention to the road and following the speed limit. Thus, a driver who is looking at his or phone, driving above the speed limit or ignoring traffic signs is violating that duty of care and acting negligently. A driver also has a greater duty of care when it comes to children, and this applies in situations where he or she knows children are or at least expects them to be nearby. Residential areas, schools, and parks are just a few examples.

Being hit by a car is a life-altering event. Pedestrians often suffer severe and traumatic injuries that can put them out of work, burden them with medical bills, and cause long term pain and suffering. Getting compensation is essential for addressing these damages, and pursuing a personal injury lawsuit is usually the best option for victims in Alabama.


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