Teen faces criminal charges for high speed car chase

On Behalf of | Mar 2, 2020 | Criminal Law |

Alabama police say that a recent high speed car chase ended with one teenager’s arrest for two counts of reckless endangerment. Authorities also issued several traffic citations for the incident. For this young driver, crafting a strong defense for these criminal charges is a smart choice. 

According to police, deputies first spotted the speeding vehicle shortly before 1 a.m. on February 23, 2020. At the time, the car was allegedly traveling at 105 mph. The deputies attempted to pull the 18-year-old driver over for a traffic stop, but the driver apparently did not cooperate and evaded them instead.

The car chase reached speeds as high as 144 mph. The driver reportedly drove through red lights, passed other vehicles across double yellow lines, and tried turning off the vehicle’s lights to avoid being seen. The chase ended when the driver voluntarily stopped. His passengers — all teenagers — were later released into the custody of their parents, while the driver was taken into custody. 

Criminal charges are a very serious matter. In such a situation, becoming familiar with one’s charges and the evidence against you or your loved one is a proactive step which can prove helpful when building a strong criminal defense.


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