Alabama man charged with trafficking cocaine

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An Alabama man is facing criminal charges for alleged trafficking activity that involved several pounds of an illegal substance. Police arrested the man after discovering a large amount of cocaine inside his vehicle and, at last update, the defendant was still in police custody. 

In late February 2020, authorities with an Alabama Drug Enforcement Task Force were informed that someone would be transporting and delivering a large amount of cocaine to a certain location. Agents put that area and the alleged suspect under surveillance and approached the 50-year-old man when he arrived.

Authorities say they discovered cocaine in at least two different areas of the vehicle. Reportedly, several ounces were located near the front in the area of the driver’s seat, and approximately 18 pounds were located inside the trunk. Police claim that altogether the cocaine had a street value of around $800,000.

The investigation and arrest involved multiple law enforcement agencies, so it remains possible the defendant will face allegations in addition to the charge for trafficking cocaine. However, this individual does not have to wait to address his criminal defense, and it would be wise to begin reviewing criminal charges and evidence early on, as any new charges and information can be incorporated as the same arises.


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