Can you guess these common causes of divorce?

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Each and every marriage is unique, but many couples find themselves dealing with similar issues in their marriages. In fact, there are several common causes of divorce, including the following. 

Smartphones and social media may make it easier to communicate with people across the world, but couples should not rely on these methods for healthy marital communication. When partners cannot effectively communicate with one another, even minor issues can quickly grow out of proportion. This means that partners need to be able to talk in ways that both understand. Otherwise couples may end up in unproductive arguments over and over again, which can lead to resentment.

Adultery is another common reason for divorce. Unsurprisingly, many people lose trust in their spouses following an affair and, without trust, it is nearly impossible to maintain a healthy relationship. Cheating can also exacerbate existing marital issues, such as communication problems.

For others the answer is much simpler — they are simply ready to end things. Maybe they feel they’ve fallen out of love with their partner, or maybe they’ve grown tired of working on marital problems for years with little to no progress.

Regardless of the reason, couples that file for divorce must all deal with matters such as property division. Parents with young children will also need to address child support and custody, and many divorces also involve spousal support. Learning as much as possible about the process can be helpful for individuals who are preparing to move forward with divorce.


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